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Enroll Your Children into Local Schools

A Great Headstart With a Singaporean Education.

Enroll Your Children into Local Schools

Singapore is an ideal environment for young minds to be nurtured. The country is open to private institutions and prestigeous local schools that give its graduates an excellent headstart in their careers. But unless your job's remuneration package here covers your children's education fees, be prepared to pay a huge sum of money for international school fees here.

There are many prestigious international schools in Singapore such as Overseas Family School, United World College (UWCSEA), and more, where school fees range from $1,200 to S$6,000 per month, compared to local school fees for foreigner children ($600 to S$1,000 per month)

Can Foreign Children Apply For Local Schools?

Foreign children are allowed to ballot and apply for local school placement, however priority placement is given to local children, and the only way a non-resident child can get a place in a local school is if it is not filled to it's capacity at the end of the application period.

Why the Local Education System?

Apart from being among the top countries in the world for education, getting a place into the local education system as a foreigner can potentially save you thousands of dollars per month!

Despite still costing over $600 per month, it is still significantly less than the S$3,500 per month to an international school here.

How to Apply for Local School Placement?

There are certain documents required for the application for placement into a local school, and having someone who is familiar with the local school system usually helps. Applications are open from July to September each year, and placement results will be released towards the end of the year.

Your child will need to apply for a Student Pass with the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority to be able to study in Singapore (contact us for assistance with Student Pass Applications).

Benefits for Studying in the Local School System?

The educational system in Singapore is widely recognized as being among the top in the world. With a Singaporean-based education, placement into almost any universities in the world is almost guaranteed with accompanying good grades. The local Polytechnics, Junior Colleges and Technical Institutions offer among the best courses in the world.

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