Basic Requirements for Permanent Residency Application

What are the basic requirements to apply for Permanent Residency in Singapore?

Applying to be a Permanent Resident in Singapore requires the applicant to have

1) Stayed in Singapore for at least a year, and paid income tax at least once.

2) Be holding on to a valid work pass (S-Pass or Employment Pass). Note that Work Permit holders are not eligible to apply for PR in Singapore.

These are just the basic requirements for you to be eligible for permanent residency in Singapore. Of course, the longer the duration of your stay in Singapore and the more you contribute to Singapore's economy through your work contributions, the higher your chances of success.

If you are not currently working in Singapore but wish to apply, only the following categories of foreigners are eligible to apply for permanent residence:

(a) Spouse and unmarried children (below 21 years old) of a Singapore Citizen (SC) / Singapore Permanent Resident (SPR) (b) Aged Parents of a Singapore Citizen (c) Investors under the Global Investor Program (GIP)

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